Standard Protective-Patient (Short Sleeve)

This gown uses advanced composite technology fabric in the construction made up of polyester and polythene both of which contribute to extreme comfort and high strength. With a soft, silk y texture and high pliability y that makes it comfortable to wear.



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  • Highly resistant to microbial penetration (Dry&Wet)
  • Good microbial, and particulate matter cleanliness
  • Low linting
  • Good resistance to fluid penetration
  • Good bursting strength, and tensile strength (Dry&Wet)
  • Breathable, for maximum comfort
  • Available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL)
  • Adjustable neck line by Velcro tap
  • High frequency sealed sleeves, and belts, no stitch holes for fluid penetration
  • Wrap-around cut results in a sterile gown back
  • Soft, long cuffs, fits the wrist
  • Can be supplied either in medical Blue, or medical Green color