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Reinforced Surgical Gown (Breast & Sleeves)

Pursuing high level of quality and safety, our gowns fit all type of operations : from the minimally invasive and clean procedures using our Standard Gowns, to the wet surgeries for which we have designed breathable reinforced front and impermeable sleeves and joints featured in our High Performance Gowns.

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  • Highly resistant to microbial penetration (Dry&Wet)
  • Good microbial, and particulate matter cleanliness
  • Low linting
  • Good resistance to fluid penetration
  • Good bursting strength, and tensile strength (Dry&Wet)
  • Breathable, for maximum comfort
  • Available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL)
  • Adjustable neck line by Velcro tap
  • High frequency sealed sleeves, and belts, no stitch holes for fluid penetration
  • Wrap-around cut results in a sterile gown back
  • Soft, long cuffs, fits the wrist
  • Can be supplied either in medical Blue, or medical Green color